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My Idea of a Perfect Mother’s Day

Ahhhh, Mothers Day.  I have fond memories of the homemade cards I presented to my mum when I was at primary school and she always looked delighted to receive my colourful splodges. When I got  a bit older I even used my pocket money to buy her a box of chocolates and a bunch of carnations.

Now, as a mum myself I have my own idea of what a perfect mother’s day would involve and surprisingly, it wouldn’t cost the earth!

1.A lie in

I can barely sleep past 7am these days due to my silly body clock being programmed to wake up but it would be lovely to have a lazy start to the day and even to watch a bit of telly in bed, or read my book with some peace and quiet

2. Breakfast in bed

I genuinely can’t remember the last time I had breakfast in bed.  These days I’m usually running around making sure that everyone is out of the door on time with a full tummy and dressed appropriately. A cup of hot coffee and pancakes with fruit would be heavenly but a slice of toast would do just as well.


3. A homemade/thoughtful gift

Expensive gifts don’t impress me.  Something small and thoughtful means so much more to me. The only other thing that would be amazing would be a pamper session at my favourite beauty salon.

4.Lunch at the pub with the family

I love a pub lunch on a Sunday anyway. Even though I don’t eat meat, a vegetarian roast with a glass of red wine  and my favourite people would go down an absolute treat.

5. Some Fresh Air

I love walking outside.  I am lucky to be in an area that has some fantastic places to go for a lovely walk. My favourite of these at the moment is Westonbirt Arboretum. Dyrham Park is lovely too and there are some places that don’t cost a penny. Anything to get outside and be with nature.  I find it incredibly restorative.  The only proviso of this would be ‘no whinging allowed!!’.

6. Have some child free time

Surely Mother’s day is about spending time with your kids? Well, I’m not so sure. Personally, I think it would be lovely to have a few hours of me time, to catch up on rubbish telly or watch a film.  I would love nothing more than hubby to take the kids out for a couple of hours so I could just be me!

7. A nice long soak in the Bath

The perfect way to end the day.  I’d probably stick a face mask on too and maybe do my nails so that I’d have a mini pamper session

I appreciate that this is quite a lot to fit into one day so if none of this was possible, I’d settle for having a wee in peace, a bunch of flowers and not having to do any cooking, cleaning or other chores for the day !!

Hubby!! Take note xxx

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