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8 Benefits of the Bednest: A Review

*Please note that I am not receiving any monetary compensation/free equipment/anything else in return for writing this review and the links included in this post are not affiliate links. This review is based on my own genuine opinions regarding this piece of baby equipment and has not been endorsed in any way*

We got a Bednest for my son when he was around 2 months old. I wish that I had known about it earlier because I would have definitely used one from birth. In fact, as soon as we got it, I sold the Moses basket!

Prior to renting the Bednest we had a fairly standard Moses basket which meant that every time our son woke up in the night to feed (which was usually around every 2 hours…on average), one of us had to get out of bed, pick him up, let him feed and then stand up to put him back in the basket. In winter this was just plain unpleasant!.

This was all eliminated once we obtained the Bednest. The height adjustable stand meant that I could have it flush with the bed, in fact, it was like having a bed extension. The mesh side flap can either form a bridge from the Bednest to the bed or when positioned in the upright position becomes the final side of the crib. As it is made of mesh, there is good airflow and it is transparent enough to enable complete visualisation of your baby.

Night time feeds were instantly easier, there was no more getting out of my warm, cosy bed! All I had to do was lower the side panel, gently move Z across the bridge, feed him, transfer him back and then raise the side panel again, all in an ‘awake enough’ state.

When we went away, the Bednest came with us! There is a carry bag that can be rented which makes transportation super easy. Even without the carry bag (which isn’t essential), the Bednest can be folded down into a manageable size. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend trying to take it on a train, but certainly packing it into the car (even a Mini as I had at the time) is perfectly feasible.

We used the Bednest until my son outgrew it at 10 months old at which point we transferred him into his own room. I will DEFINITELY be renting one for my daughter who is due later this year. I cannot recommend this item highly enough! For us, it was an essential piece of baby equipment.

To read more about it and get one for yourself, please visit Bednest

Z at 2 months old, snoozing peacefully in his Bednest

8 Benefits of the Bednest

1. Renting – you know all that baby stuff you buy and use for a few months and then have to get rid of? Well, this isn’t one of those. You don’t have to look for ways to dispose of it once you’re done, it will be collected from your door! It’s cheaper than buying – (unless you’re planning to have more than 2 children) and due to the fact you’re not disposing of it, better for the environment!

2. Less disturbed sleep – If you have a newborn your sleep is going to be disturbed, that goes without saying! They need feeding regularly and sometimes wake up for other reasons too. With the Bednest, there is no need to get out of bed to feed or comfort your baby!! This is THE reason to get one or rent one. I didn’t have a C-section but I can only imagine how invaluable this bit of kit would be to anyone who did!

3. Safe Co-sleeping – it is recommended that babies share a room with their parent(s)/guardian(s) until they are at least 6 months old. This is to reduce the risk of SIDS and having little one RIGHT next to you can only be a good thing in my eyes (and probably baby’s eyes too). With the Bednest, baby is as close to you as feasibly possible without actually being in bed with you. It is my personal view that this has to be the safest way to sleep with your baby. It’s bed-sharing but not quite. Baby still has their own covers (we used a sleeping bag – again because we felt it was the safest option) so is unlikely to overheat (as long as you have a room thermometer of some sort and follow the recommendations) and the risk of accidental smothering is virtually non-existent (just stay awake during the feed!!)

4. Supports Breastfeeding – another biggie if this is how you feed your baby. Those night time feeds are hard, and tiring and can put you off wanting to continue with breastfeeding. The Bednest makes it a lot easier, and you resent your other half a lot less for snoring beside you if you don’t have to get out of bed.

5. Easy to transport (maybe not by train!!) – As I mentioned before, the Bednest folds down into a really compact system that is easy to transport even in a small vehicle. This means that your baby is able to sleep somewhere that is familiar to them even when you stay away. Again this helps to reduce sleep disturbance.

6. Easy to put together – The Bednest folds up and down and clicks into place. There is no need for hammers, screws, broken fingernails or swearing in the putting together of your baby’s bed

7. The crib can be lifted from the stand – this is very useful for naps that take place in other rooms than the bedroom. The main crib has side handles so it can be carried (without baby inside!) to other parts of the house. Our Bednest was used throughout the house, and even in the garden on occasion too.

8.The Stand can be Tilted – Why is this a benefit? Well, I found that raising the head end of the crib was really handy whenever Z had a cold or a chesty cough and it would also be great for a little one who has reflux.

Hopefully, I’ve convinced you that this is essential for your newborn, if I haven’t managed to just yet, then please do head on over to Bednest and find out some more information or read some more reviews!


We welcomed our baby girl into the world and she has taken to sleeping in her bednest like a pro.

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