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Chocolate Free Easter Egg Fillers

I know it’s only one day.  I know it’s lovely to celebrate as a family and yes, chocolate eggs are traditional at Easter but do we definitely need to be overloading our kids with sugar? I think it’s perfectly okay for children to have a small chocolate Easter egg but why not mix things up a little and do an Easter Egg hunt with different prizes for a change?

Party bag fillers are really easy to come by and can be stuffed inside small plastic eggs that are readily available in a lot of high street shops and supermarkets or online. e.g these ones at amazon.

A couple of our eggs from last year

They come in a variety of sizes too so your prizes can vary in how big they are from very small to pretty huge and can depend on your budget.

Here are a few ideas to fill your eggs with:

1.Craft Supplies

Your local pound shop or craft shop should be full of easter related items at this time of year that will be perfect for making cards or scenes that can be created at home. Hobbycraft is an excellent resource for this type of thing as well.

Why not fill each egg with one item that can be used together with the prizes in the other eggs to create a masterpiece!

2. Decorated Eggs

Instead of using eggs with prizes inside, the eggs themselves can be the prize.  Either collect predecorated ones or decorate some plain ones with the kids and hang on a twig to create a beautiful Easter decoration for the house.
Easter Decorating Ideas

3. Activities

Place small pieces of paper with different instructions on inside the eggs, such as:

  • Hop across the room like a bunny
  • Quack 10 times like a duck
  • Flap your wings like a chicken


4. Party Bag Fillers

There are almost unlimited ideas for this and what you choose to fill your eggs with depends very much on the personality and likes of your child.  A few suggestions would be:

  • A bouncy ball
  • Mini figures e.g my little pony, cars, pj masks, paw patrol
  • Hair clips
  • Bath beans (these are ACE!)
  • Finger puppets
  • Temporary tattoos
  • Mini bubbles
  • Earrings
  • Play foam
  • Mini ink stamps
  • Hair chalk
  • Lip gloss
  • Erasers
  • The list goes on and on

The main message is that it doesn’t have to be ALL about sweets and chocolate. Keeping it to a minimum is no bad thing when a lot of fun can still be had.


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